Status Quo Tribute by ‘THE QUO’ aka The 4 Rossis

Dates: 09/01/2017 Dates: 09/01/2017 Times: 19:00 - 23:59 Location: Concert Room


The Quo (AKA: The Four Rossis’) are three musicians from Birmingham and a bass
player from Stourbridge who found they all share a common interest in their love for
the music of Status Quo.
The band members do not take themselves very seriously, (hence why they all dress
up as Francis Rossi…!) However, they are passionate when it comes to reproducing the
songs and trying to authentically capture the sound, energy, and vibe of a 70’s Status
Quo concert*. Although the band only formed back in August 2011, the strength of
their live performances has already gained many bookings including a number of
Biker’s rallies throughout the country and resulted in repeat shows to almost every
venue they have played at so far.
The Four Rossis’ perform songs from the seventies and eighties including ‘Down
Down’ ‘Rain’ ‘Mean Girl’ ‘Paper Plane’ ‘Rocking All Over The World’ ‘Roll Over Lay
Down’ and ‘Whatever You Want’, alongside classic Status Quo album tracks such as
Backwater, Big Fat Mama, Don’t Waste My Time, Is There A Better Way?, Junior’s
Wailing and Softer Ride etc.
From the moment the lights go down and you hear the opening bars to Caroline as
the band takes to the stage. It becomes obvious that they genuinely love what they
are doing and it’s a sure-fire bet that it won’t take long before the audience are on up
their feet and having a good time!
So, dig out your denims, along with your old favourite Quo concert Tee shirt, grab
an ‘Air Guitar’ and enjoy a boogie and a few drinks or see if you can win a free prize as
the best dressed Francis Rossi?!
The Quo are:
Francis Rossi: Lead Guitar
Francis Rossi: Lead Guitar / Vocals
Francis Rossi: Bass Guitar / Vocals
Francis Rossi: Drums
* The 4 Rossis’ try to emulate the sound from this era as close as possible by using authentic
equipment as used by Status quo in the 70’s including Fender Telecaster guitars, Kramer
basses, Marshall, Orange, and Sound City Amplification.