What does it cost to join the club as a new member?

There is a joining fee to join the club equivalent to 1 years annual subscription
which stands at £72.00 for 2017. This fee gives you 1 equal share in the
club and reduced prices for drinks from the bar, the same as any other
member. A new members form and advice for prospective new members can
be found on this web site and is available to download.

What are the current annual subscription costs and when are they

The annual subscription for the current year 2017 is £72.00 per annum,
however see below for discounts that me be applicable to this amount. For new
members the amount payable would be pro rata the full amount dependant
upon what time in the year you are accepted for membership.
In the case of a member having attained the age of 65 years and that member
having completed continuous service as indicated below shall pay a reduced
subscription which shall be a percentage of the full subscription.
40 years continuous service – FREE
35 years continuous service – 10% of the full subscription
30 years continuous service – 20% of the full subscription
25 years continuous service – 25% of the full subscription
20 years continuous service – 30% of the full subscription
15 years continuous service – 40% of the full subscription
10 years continuous service – 50% of the full subscription
A membership renewal form is available to be downloaded on this website.

I would like to attend the club for a social evening to see an act/
artist in the concert room, can I attend as a non member?

You are welcome to attend any of the entertainment at the club as a guest of
the club, just contact the club to purchase tickets in advance and/or see the
doorman on the evening in question and he will gladly arrange for you to be
signed in as a guest.

Can I bring children into the club?

The club operates a strict restriction to under 18’s and they are not allowed
in the club apart from Saturday and Sunday afternoon’s as part of the clubs
lads and dads programme and this only applies to 12 years of age and over.
The club does run from time to time events where children are permitted to
attend which would be advertised within the club and on the club website well
in advance of the event.

Does the Club hire out the Concert room for private parties and/or

The club does hire the concert room out for a nominal fee to members and non members. Please download the
appropriate form from this website and return it to the club with your deposit

if you do wish to book the concert room. It would be advisable to check in the
first instance with the Club Steward Tel Smith or he’s deputy Phil Playdon to see if the dates required are
available before submitting your form.

Other Questions

We have tried to address most questions but there are always others that
may be asked. You may find the answers in other sections of the web site,
but if still unable to find the answer, please contact us at walmleyclub@gmail.com