It has been a long standing tradition of our club to raise money for local charities recommended by our members where throughout the year we raise funds through raffles, collections and the Annual Charity Dinner.

This year the chosen charities are Guide Dogs for the Blind, The John Taylor Hospice, The Norman Laud Association and The Kelli Smith Appeal. We are also pleased to assist in helping other charities throughout the year by providing the Function Room where events can be staged without charge.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs provide mobility and freedom to blind and partially sighted people. They also campaign for the rights of people with visual impairment, educate the public about eye care and fund eye disease research. for further details go to

The John Taylor Hospice

At John Taylor Hospice, they offer a range of quality specialist medical, nursing, clinical and social care services for people with life-threatening illnesses in a caring and friendly environment.  they offer advice and support for patients, families and their carers, including pastoral and bereavement support if required. Further information can be found at 

The Norman Laud Association

They aim to provide quality short break services for children and young adults with special  needs and also offer support to their families, who cope under the most difficult circumstances. Further information can be found at

The Kelli Smith Appeal

Kelli was born on 2nd January 2009 at 2:35am, healthy, happy and perfect. When Kelli was just 3 months old she started to suffer from terrible constipation. On going to the hospital the doctors felt a “mass” in her abdomen straight away, and after several scans and various tests it was confirmed that Kelli had Neuroblastoma and have recently found out that she has 3 new lesions in her abdomen.

There is no treatment protocol in the UK for relapsed Neuroblastoma, however there are options available abroad. Sadly these treatments could cost in excess of £500,000. The appeal not only raises awareness of the condition but aims to raise the funds for the treatment, Further details can be found at